Local level

 At its inaugural meeting on 22 March 2010, the National Executive Board endorsed a transitional work plan for 2010, with the overall aim to lay with the limited resources available for 2010 a solid foundation for a full scale National Cleaner Production Program (NCPP), to be implemented from late 2010 or early 2011, that would:
Build upon the lessons learned from past projects in Moldova;
Address key national development priorities;
Combine capacity building and industry demonstrations, with policy and strategic support.
The expected outcomes from the NCPP in Moldova for 2010 are therefore:
Institutional and organisational set up for NCPP agreed upon by national stakeholders and put in place;
Some five enterprises identified RECP opportunities through systematic RECP assessment and started implementation of first RECP opportunities with documentation of the resulting productivity, environmental and other benefits;
Information and promotion materials on RECP and its application in Moldova produced and disseminated to businesses, government and other stakeholders in Moldova;
Priorities for RECP in Moldova identified and reviewed and adequate plans developed for their realisation under second stage of NCPP from 2011 onward (including resource mobilization).
The NCPCs/NCPP are initially set up in a national institution, for example, a university, technical institute or industry association.
NCPP in Moldova is currently hosted by Technical University of Moldova.
RECP Club meeting in mass-media: www.primaria.causeni.org (PDF).
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